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Afton Jones

Afton Jones

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PMH-C

Greetings! I am a perinatal mental health therapist providing services online to residents in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Vermont. I am passionate about providing perinatal mental health and women's mental health services through the form of therapy.

I work with women during the perinatal period which means during pregnancy and the postpartum period. I provide therapy services to assist women with working through mental health challenges such as stress, depression, anxiety, work/family/life balance, and the overall adjustment to motherhood. I also work with women to support them with life changes and transitions, boundary setting, setting and achieving goals, and other challenges they may be experiencing.

In my free time I enjoy working jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles, crafting, spending time with family, and watching the HGTV network.


I look forward to helping you with your journey to wellness!

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